Shipping & Pickup

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We strongly believe in the importance of the level of service, and we have chosen reliable partners who help every day to create the best possible experience for each of your individual orders. With over 40,000 products in the range and more than 1,000 brands handled, our catalog presents the most diverse packaging, handling and shipping needs.

In compliance with the highest quality standards and in order to be able to offer you the best possible service at the most competitive prices, we have selected various transport companies over the years, putting them to the test with each type of product to be handled and shipped. This selection has allowed us to identify the best partner to entrust your products to so that you can receive them in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time: just add the product to your cart and you will find the most valid transport alternatives selected for that specific product!

Here are our partners:


Once shipped, an email will be sent containing the Tracking code needed to track the shipment. Your peace of mind is an integral part of Gobriko's mission, which is why our service must be controlled and measurable at any time. Log in from the user menu and view your orders, you will be updated at all times on the status of preparation and shipment of each of them. By clicking on the single shipment, the carrier's track&trace system will allow you to identify the precise positioning of the goods and the precise delivery date at any time, literally following your package step by step!